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[CSI] GroupInvestigation

Friends Only

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I know you've been having a hard time lately so I made you a little icon to make you smile.

Because who doesn't smile at naked Nathan Fillion?

dude...I totally need to be on your friends only part
you are! silly girl! :)
you are so in it's not even funny. Like... so in you're out and in again. :D


Luh, it's me, Chuh

It's been a while since I visited your blog (I've been busy moving to New Zealand!), but I religiously read your blog before the move. You gotta have a New Zealand representative reading your blog, right? Right? Buh, Chelsea

oh right

here's my livejournal username

Re: oh right

OMG! yay! You are all kinds of added cause I DO need a rep from New Zealand reading my blog especially one named Chelsea. *nod nod* :D
Hi, I'm kidcyclone and I like your username! I noticed you commented on a manip 'Daddy's Boy' and it sounds like we might both have an interest in daddy!kink involving Angel/us and Spike. I'd like to be friends if you like!
I'd love it! YAY! You're all kinds of friended! *hugs hugs hugs*

It's Me, It's Me! It's Earnest-T!

Hey! I added you to my friend list and I'm working on building my page. I hope you have a wonderful day! -Michelle- (chelleyoung)

Re: It's Me, It's Me! It's Earnest-T!

YAY! You're so friended! *hugs*
I was starting to panic about why I suddenly couldn't access the link you gave me yesterday.

*hugs* I want in! I want in! *kidnaps you*
you're so friended already! *hugs hugs*

I un friendslocked the post with your fic just for you. Hope it makes you smile!
Hello ... I've really enjoyed your fic in the past and I've friended you and hope you'll friend me back ... I don't want to miss any good b/a fic :)
Awesome! I'll friend you now :)
Hi! :D This would be Jen, as in Kitty's and Liz's mun. :) Hope you don't mind that I added you.
Not at all! *hugs*
Hello. I was wondering if i could add you?
omg yes! do it!!!
I am going to make the friends request from Fanny's journal since that is the one I most log into. I hardly ever log into niakhsekhmet.

BTW, after looking at your other work, you so rock!
*waves* Melissa and Martha's mun here. My journal's Friends Only, too. Mind if I friend you?
Of course! Please do!! :) I'll friend back.
Hello. I'm Laurie, the Banker's mun. Is it all right if I add you to my flist?
YAY! Laurie! Of course! I'm also druinsanity11 on AIM if you ever want to chat!
Okay thanks!

My AIM is Carmen4118. :)

Hi! If I am guessing correctly, you are Anya. :-) I'm Doom's mun from theatrical_muse. Thought I would add you, if you don't mind!
YAY YAY YAY!!!! I SO dont mind. Seriously! Friended you back!
You've been tagged over in my LJ - blame it on melissa_writing
May I be added?
Yes! Please! *hugs*
Lisa! It's Bri~~~~~! May I be added please?


shadows_in_fire is my creative journal if you're interested. :D
Yes yes! :D *hugs you*
[CSI] GroupInvestigation

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